Epic Failure at Blogging and a promise to try better....

I'm really good at "blogging" on facebook. I just find it easier. I can upload my photos write a paragraph and off I go. I'm done. In the year since my last post I've been super busy...

August, September, October, November and December 2016

Nothing to report in August... 

September a dear friend and I attended the Gatsby Picnic in the bay. It was super fun (sort of pricey) but worth the drive.
Getting Ready for the Event... Hair and Makeup done.
Beautiful site... to bad it has been neglected and needs care. 

I made a pant outfit. I was trying to channel "Miss Fisher" and though the outfit was cute and comfortable it was made out of the wrong type of fabric. Oh well I know now so next time (yes yes next year...) I will have a better outfit... and flat shoes. Cuz heels and the amount of walking. No way.

October, and November were quiet, no events so no major projects. But In October I did give a talk about Victorian Halloween at the Library. Which snowballed into a talk on what was holding up my gown and under my gown... LOL Thank God it was on the dressform and not me. :D Also, Thank God for Summer, she really is one of my best friends... if she hadn't come out and helped me it would have taken MUCH longer to set up and breakdown.

December I made FIVE (yes five) Belle Epoche outfits.
One mini ball gown for my TINY niece.
And so many 1890s Capes I lost track. LOL
Since the photos of the Victorian market are of my nieces and a good friend I'm going to skip posting them publicly. 

I wore my beautiful 1880s Evening gown again to the Chirstmas Candlelight Tours.
"Good Luck Pickle" Amazing Photo by Lani Melenbacker Turner

I also lost the key to my car which was a $400 fix. So you can imagine that on top of being sick (it was winter) I also had to contend with that.

That's it for 2016.... As we are nearly half way though 2017, I am going to split these posts into two... So that's it for now.

Bye For Now!


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