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The ill used Red Ridding Hood Corset...

Well after four years of abuse I think it might be time to retire my red ridding hood corset. I love the corset immensely the wonderful Michell over at Damsel dress made it for me, but because I'm so curvy it doesn't stay up in the back. I think I need to make myself a reinforced back with some shoulder straps. We shall see how this Frankenstein corset comes together. Stay tuned.... This might just be the project from hell. Oh and did I mention I want to wear it in exactly one month from yesterday???? Hum.... maybe I'll just make a waist corset.
Did I mention this all started because of a trip to the fabric store? I found the perfect fabric... >,<

August 2017 Update: This never happened.  Instead I stepped out from Wenching and went on to Nobility.  I admit the first try was not so fantastic but I adore my new attire. (This is Elizabethan attire... I have since switched over to Italian. <3 br="">