Wednesday, February 20, 2013

American Duchess Shoes...

American Duchess is at it again... new designs and an over all drool worthy shoes with new designs in Edwardian and the 1920s. If I were rich I would purchase a pair of every shoe in every color. I can hear my mom now "You already have too many pairs of shoes". Yes but these would go with my Costumes!!! LOL

In Celebration of the newest member of the A D shoe line Lauren over at American Duchess is giving away these beautiful shoes named "Gibson". I admit freely I am drooling over ever color and could not possibly decide. *SIGH* I would do a jig if I won... though chances are slim. :D

So anyways if you want your own chance to win or even to purchase a pair whilst they are on specail preorder head over to AD.

To enter:

Better still To Purchase your own pair: