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Summer Projects...

Warning this is a long post with loads of photos!

If you are in any of the Facebook groups I'm on your will most likely have seen the first two projects in this post. Where I live in California we get very hot summers, and with the disadvantage of not have a "HVAC" (as my niece puts it) our front room stays cooler but our back rooms are boiling hot. The room that is set up as my sewing space/office/spare room gets very warm during the summer as does my mother's room they are both west facing. My room is East facing but still gets very warm. So spending hours in my sewing room is out of the question. I can spend a few hours in the very early morning but after about 10 am it is too hot to be in there.

That being said this year I decided that I would do a bunch of small projects that would keep me busy but also keep me out of the heat.

The first project I did was straight out of  "Costume Close-Up: Clothing Construction and Pattern 1750-1790" which is a book …