Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saint Valentine's Cards...

Ok, So I am not normally a big blogger. As can be seen though the very minamal posts I have on here. But I made these lovely Valentine Cards (as I do every year) and I had a few ladies on the Exchange group express interest in how I made them.

Now I can assure you these are VERY simple. In face I really cut a lot of corners on these as I wanted them to be cute but I didn't want them to be as detailed as my Christmas Cards are.

So I know there are a LOT of people who do not like Hobby Lobby. I'm sorry about that. Really but I am a pragmatist, and if I can get something at a good price I'm going to go to the place that has it. Please no hate mail. We are all given Free Choice, that is our right under the law... that being said I found half my supplies at Hobby Lobby and Half at Joann's. If Joann's had had my red cards then I would have purchased them there. This last week HL Had Paper Studio supplies for 50% off.

Here is my supplies:

Cards & Envelopes (I didn't feel like cutting and folding my own) -HL

White Cardstock I got the textured kind as I love the look -JoAnns

 White plain Cardstock (Already had on hand) no photo

TapeRunner -HL I used a 40% off Sorry its sideways I didn't catch it before it was uploaded.

Ribbon - Joann's it was on sale

Martha Stewart Double Edge punch (This is the most expensive part but Joann's had them 40% off)

And the photo you want to use.
I literally searched for "Victorian Valentine's" and printed them out on cardstock in a 3x5 photo size. Because my printer is so old and the ink so expensive I actually printed mine in black and white and then colored my pictures with colored pencils. You can print them in color or black and white. Do what makes you happy.

That being said this photo would make an ADORABLE Valentine as well as the ones I used for my cards this year. I hope that everyone will search for their own favorite Valentine and go from there.
You could easily print this one in color and skip the coloring portion of my cards. :D

So you have found your very own favorite Victorian Valentine photo. Well now you get to go into (if you have a PC) Windows Photo Viewer. I took some screen captures on how I fix my photos to print. First you are going to view the Photo in the Window Photo Viewer and go to the "Print" option.

 Once you are in there you are going to uncheck the "Fit picture to frame" this isn't an option you want on this craft. TRUST ME! LOL *hides the papers that are messed up*

Once you have your lovely photos printed out you are going to color them if you printed in black and white. If you printed in color you get to skip to the cutting out. Now, I have a wonderful Guillotine paper cutter however I was too lazy when I cut mine out to go get it from my room. So I got my trusty Paper scissors (yes I have paper and fabric scissors. LOL, I'm a seamstress don't even think about using my pricy fabric scissors on anything but fabric) and cut out my photos. I then set them aside.

 So now you have your photos, you are going to set them aside. Have a new kitten (I do!) put them in a plastic baggie so she doesn't lick them. Yes she really tried to lick them. *sigh*

Now, its time to make the white lace... All you really need to know is to be careful when you are lining up what you have already punched out.
 See the pictures on the sides? That is how you line the sheet up, it took me a couple tries.
Ok, so you went to town on the white textured cardstock and you have a whole bunch of strips... now what? 

You are going to start Gluing them down. I used the glue runners for this. SO much easier than a glue stick. And trim the flush to the edge of the card.

Now for the middle...While laying out my first card I realized that both middle strips would be covered by the photo so I thought why waste all that paper. Well I'll let you in on a little secret, guess what *whispers* I cheated, and only used a little piece that would peak out from the edge of the photo. 

 Now its time to glue down the photo... Tape Runner to the rescue.

Anyone notice how I goofed???? Yep I put the photo upside down... thankfully it was only a mere second or two so I could lift the photo and replace it.

Now its time to add the bit of ribbon. You can do a bow if you have really narrow ribbon but I thought a bow was too busy for mine. SO I just knotted the middle and glued it down.

Fill in the inside and you are all done!

I would love to see what Victorian Valentine you picked to use with your cards! So please feel free to email me at SeamedThings @ (take the spaces out) and show me your cards!