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Saint Valentine's Cards...

Ok, So I am not normally a big blogger. As can be seen though the very minamal posts I have on here. But I made these lovely Valentine Cards (as I do every year) and I had a few ladies on the Exchange group express interest in how I made them.

Now I can assure you these are VERY simple. In face I really cut a lot of corners on these as I wanted them to be cute but I didn't want them to be as detailed as my Christmas Cards are.

So I know there are a LOT of people who do not like Hobby Lobby. I'm sorry about that. Really but I am a pragmatist, and if I can get something at a good price I'm going to go to the place that has it. Please no hate mail. We are all given Free Choice, that is our right under the law... that being said I found half my supplies at Hobby Lobby and Half at Joann's. If Joann's had had my red cards then I would have purchased them there. This last week HL Had Paper Studio supplies for 50% off.

Here is my supplies:

Cards & Envelopes (I didn'…