Saturday, August 15, 2015

If Blogging were as simple as Facebook...

I can't tell you how many times I said "If blogging were as simple as facebooking, I'd be set" in the last two months. I am horrible at blogging. I always find myself sewing more than writing. But I'm hoping to change that.

I had an amazing opportunity a few weeks ago to go to a HUGE convention called "Costume College". I can't tell you how many fantastic people I met while there. It was all hugely overwhelming and I came back itching to create more things and, if given the opportunity to attend again, even teach a class. Which I have already thought out set up and gotten ready. SO if the powers that be grant me both of my HUGE wishes for 2016 I will die a happy woman.

Anyways back to the subject at hand. I am waiting for the AMAZING photographer at Shotwell Portraits to post my Ball Gown photos before I blog about the two Bustle Era costumes I made for the events but in the mean time you all (the what three people that actually read this) will have to be content with my Regency ensemble and my future plans. One of the ladies I had the privilege of meeting took the photos below, Kelsey, thank you again for taking these I never made it back to the studio for professional ones. :(

 The flash washed me out massively in this one and I forgot to take my glasses off. But I still love the shots. :D

I am ridiculously proud of this outfit... the hat was complete drafted by me with a LOT of trial and error. It came out great and I like it much better than the bonnets I have made in the past. The Pelise (long jacket) is made from the Laughing moon Spencer and I took the Sensibility skirt pattern and cut both pieces without being on the fold instead of the fold and added an extra panel so that I could have more pleats in the back. Silly me didn't think about turning around for the jacket as well as the gown. But Still.

The Gown is as always the Sensibility pattern. Its my go to Regency pattern. I know the bodice fits me after so many years of making different gowns. Its just easy. I know exactly where to add where to take off ect. Its a great pattern and the Sensibility site offers all sorts of modifications on the  Regency Gown pattern. I know many people have said that the neckline is a bit high for them... but I actually don't mind.

Ok, there is one of the four outfits I wore to Costume College 2015. I will post two more and didn't get any photos of the first one except a "selfie". It's just a silly photo of me in my Red Linen Regency gown that I wore for the Greek Pool Party. :D

Now I am going to talk about what's up next...

I have loads of ideas whirling through my head about what I want to make next. There are three events between now and the Christmas Fair in my town.  One is the Casa de Friuta Ren Fair which I attend every year. I haven't decided if I will attend as Nobility or go as an Elizabethan Wench. I am not going to lie, I sort of like people bowing to me... makes me feel like my hard work in costuming has paid off. Though I must remember to actually tell them to "be of ease" otherwise they get annoyed. ROFL

The other two events I am positively giddy about. I have head a "Steampunk" costume in my head for probably four years and now I might actually have an event to wear it to. One local and not all the way down in Long Beach! SO! I have planned a Air Ship Captain! Problem is I am not actually sure if I will get to attend or not.

For the AirShip Captain I am planning on making a long black wool walking skirt from TV 291 And I'm going to make a vest some how... haven't thought that one out yet exactly. And of course a shirt waist. I think I will make smaller leg of mutton sleeves and loose the lacy neck thing. :D I'm thinking white Cotton Voile for the skirt, with my favorite "Tissue Linen" from Joann's which is a Linen/Cotton blend fabric. I am also leaning towards a Naval hat I think they are called Garrison caps. :D addition to this outfit I have an outfit planned for my best friend who is attending for sure. She gave me FREE REIN as she doesn't do much with the whole steampunk thing so I have decided that I am going to give her her own character and going with the fact that she has CRAZY long pretty hair I think we are going to make her a Steampunk Vampire Hunter! She is going to have bloomers from Laughing moon's pattern #110, a vest that I'm still working out but want to have a hood and a shirt waist just like mine. She's not going to have a hat this time... but definitely for December.

The Second Event that I'm planning for is a GBACG event. A Picnic at Cypress Hills Cemetery in Victorian Mourning attire. I'm leaning towards Belle Epoche attire and have a full suit planned. Because well I can. I was inspired by a ladies blog and have decided that I will try to recreate it myself. But in black. LOL! Well That's it for now. I will try really hard to post more often. Thanks for reading!