Sunday, October 30, 2011

What a long Month...

Ok, well, lets see. October dawned and I had one request for a costume... by the end of that week I had five costumes to make. One for my neighbor one for a dear friend, two for my nieces, one for me and one for another friend who was going to only have me help her make her's. Oh and a custom Regency bonnet that was in the works for months.

Well, I managed four of the five. My own costume (it was going to be a Flapper costume) didn't turn out how I wanted so I stopped working on it and decided I would just wear my Ren Garb and deal with the Flapper costume when I had more time.

My Eldest Niece requested a Victorian gown (I have a feeling she is going to end up much like myself... into reenacting. :D) one that was similar to the dress Samantha from American Girls wears for Christmas. So I made her a very cute maroon cotton gown complete with eyelet inset for the collar and neck line. She absolutely loves it and say that its the greatest because when she "twirls" it ends up parallel to the ground. Hopefully I will steal some more pics from Halloween with the girls all dressed up from my sister's facebook after tomorrow. :D

My next oldest Niece was asked if she wanted a Flapper dress to match her sister's since it was really easy and quick to make. She told me "No, Auntie, I want to be Belle but the Blue dress." And so I did as she commanded (LOL) and she got a beautiful blue Belle. LOL Sorry about the horrible picture its from my phone (not a great cam) and this was without the beautiful collar that came after this picture.

So a dear friend sent me a pic via text and being the silly woman I am I looked at it thought "I could totally make that." and never scrolled down.... well I finally scrolled down and hour later and read that she had asked if I could make it for her! Of course I can I had said and this is the result.

The picture she had sent me was of a "Cantina Girl" and it came out wonderfully. She got loads of comments when we went and she loved it. :D

I went in my Ren Garb as I had stated earlier with the expection of no daggers but toy guns. As soon as my friend posts the pictures (I forgot my camera at home) I will post the pics of my other friend and I dueling. :D

So today I got it into my head that I wanted to make the Halloween Cupcakes that I had been planning to make for a few weeks. I have to say they came out great. They are super cute and I love how cute they are. So I am ending this post with the pictures of the cupcakes. :D

Take freshly baked chocolate cupcakes.

Add a bit of commercial grade orange food gel to white frosting...

Make the white frosting turn a lovely shade of orange.

Add some Old Halloween pics from years past.

Add some sprinkles and you get this bad boys. Of course after I finished all the cupcakes with all the picks in them I went to put the lid on and discovered they were too tall for the carrier I had put them in. *Sigh* So I went and got the other round carrier and transferred them over. Good thing I like the taste of frosting since my hands were covered in it.

All in all that was pretty much my month. Though I will hopefully have more pictures later on. Have a Happy Halloween and remember, just because there are people out there that want to have Halloween be purely evil, it doesn't have to be after all it was once based on All Hallow's Eve, The Harvest and the changing of the Seasons. Bake a little, Decorate a little and make little kids happy by giving them a little candy.