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What a long Month...

Ok, well, lets see. October dawned and I had one request for a costume... by the end of that week I had five costumes to make. One for my neighbor one for a dear friend, two for my nieces, one for me and one for another friend who was going to only have me help her make her's. Oh and a custom Regency bonnet that was in the works for months.

Well, I managed four of the five. My own costume (it was going to be a Flapper costume) didn't turn out how I wanted so I stopped working on it and decided I would just wear my Ren Garb and deal with the Flapper costume when I had more time.

My Eldest Niece requested a Victorian gown (I have a feeling she is going to end up much like myself... into reenacting. :D) one that was similar to the dress Samantha from American Girls wears for Christmas. So I made her a very cute maroon cotton gown complete with eyelet inset for the collar and neck line. She absolutely loves it and say that its the greatest because when she "twirls" it ends…