Projects of the First half of 2017...

Jan, Feb, March, April, and May  PHOTO HEAVY!

Jan is always really quite around here, a combination of getting over whatever sickness I caught (I work in the schools) and breathing after the marathon sewing of December. I usually plan  plot what I will make for the Sonora Celtic Faire, and order fabric, trim and jewelry.

This year I decided to wear my lovely Italian gown again. Which is my favorite so far of all the Noble gowns I have made. BUT! Summer agreed to allow me to make her a Noble. I think the gown came out really well. I will be making different sleeves for her chemise for next year so that she doesn't have to wear separate sleeves. (Its just too warm for her... me I'm good if I have a fan. Its usually only about 70 degrees) Anyways here are the photos of the gown. Please excuse the chaos of the sewing space. This is what creativity looks like.  (The photos are actually for 2016... but I wore the same thing minus the over gown (coat) in 2017)

As my students love to point out... I upgraded from a "dumb" phone to a smart phone in Feb so I was able to take all sorts of photos on my iphone at the event. (So much easier than lugging around my camera). (Picture heavy... here are some construction as well as finished photos.)

I spent most of Feb and the beginning of March working on this gown... which is by far one of my favorites. I love Italian Renaissance. When asked if I was Mary or Elizabeth I said Neither... I'm Italian we have more fun. LOL

I used Margo Anderson's AMAZING Italian Gown Pattern: I can't say enough about this pattern. It's easy to work with, and fits! Which when you are a plus size lady that is hard to find with out a LOT of alterations. I want to say that we are Florentine... but for some reason I can't remember what my pattern says and I'm too lazy to go into my hot sewing room. LOL

I do side lacing. Mainly because I can give myself a modesty pannel and lace looser if I need to. This made fitting Summer's gown easier as well.

 I added puffs to the sleeve slashes so that I wouldn't have to try to fill the sleeves with a Camaica or a smock that didn't have quite as full of sleeves.

AND! All done... This gown was SO much fun to make. The skirt is made up of 5! yards of fabric split in two and knife pleated to the bodice with a divide and concur method.

 I made the "Brooch" Out of several pieces on hand as I forgot (yes forgot! :( ) to order the jewelry I was going to order and ran out of time.

 POCKETS! Yes There are actual pockets in this gown... they are made my slicing the skirt and placing the pocket behind the slash. I sewed them in place as I have a thing about extra pieces tied at my already padded waist.

Sleeve view... Next year there will not be tied on sleeves... but rather a different look. :D *Grin* Tune in as the Celtic Faire is in March which is really NOT that far away. :D

And On Summer! :D

In April/May I made this Caraco Gown and sold it to a friend. :D I was very pleased with how it came out.


This brings us to May, *wipes forehead.... shesh* This is why I need to blog more. LOL!

May with the last weeks of school, I didn't have any planned events (until July... which I'll get to in another post). I'm going to end this blog post here and start on a new one for the next part.


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